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Experiencing a foot problem? You need to see a board-certified podiatrist to get the proper diagnosis and care. Dr. Mitchell Horowitz treats all of your family's foot and ankle disorders to get everyone back on their feet. We even offer convenient house calls if you can't get to our office.

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•  Ankle stability

•  Ankle sprains

•  Arthritic foot and ankle care

•  Athlete's foot

•  Bunions

Healing your podiatric concerns

•  Calluses

•  Corns

•  Diabetic foot

•  Fungus toenails

•  Geriatric foot care


Dr. Horowitz specializes in non-invasive treatment options to get your feet back to wellness as soon as possible. We offer careful surgical services that are also available as needed.

Treatment with a gentle touch

Complete podiatry care

•  Hammertoes

•  Heel spurs

•  Infections

•  Ingrown toenails

•  Injuries

•  Neuromas

•  Plantar Fasciitis

•  Poor circulation

•  Wounds

•  Warts

Learn more about an athlete's foot

Athlete's foot got its name because of high incidences among athletes, but anyone can contract this common foot ailment. It is seen most frequently in teen-aged and adult males, but women are just as susceptible. People with weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable.


The fungi that causes athlete's foot thrives in warm, moist conditions, so you can be at risk for developing it if you:


•  Wear closed shoes, especially if they are vinyl, rubber or plastic-lined

•  Live in warm, humid conditions

•  Perspire a great deal

•  Keep your feet wet for prolonged periods of time

•  Develop a minor skin or nail injury on your foot, giving the fungi an opportunity to cause an



On site x-rays are available to save you time and to get you back on the road to recovery.