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Standing and sitting are two of the main causes of foot problems. Foot pain can be very debilitating and can prohibit you from getting around like you once did. If you are tired of suffering from foot pain day after day, come see us where we can provide you custom orthotic shoe inserts to correct the problem.

We're always accepting new patients. If you're suffering from foot problems, come in today.


•  Plantar fasciitis

•  Achilles tendonitis

•  Sports injuries

•  Diabetic foot problems

Orthotics may help:


Custom orthotics can be an effective solution to your foot problem. Dr. Mitchell Horowitz carefully evaluates your foot problem and will fabricate an orthotic that will make you more comfortable. We take a plaster cast impression of your feet for a more accurate orthotic fit. The custom Orthotic will place your feet in their optimal position allowing for more comfort during your everyday activities.  


Our goal is to see the pain go away permanently. During your consultation, we will provide you with personalized service to ensure your needs are taken care.

Personalized service

Keeping your feet healthy

In most cases foot pain is only temporary, but if you let it go, it can turn into a more permanent problem. At the first sign of foot problems, you need to make an appointment with our friendly staff so we can bring you in and see what is going on.


Don't neglect your foot problems

  • Lower back pain

  • Heel and arch pain

  • Pain in the ball of the foot

  • Corns and calluses

  • And much more